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Soothing instead of intoxicating

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this aaaahhhh feeling ☽ breathing in and out very deeply ⭒ giggling on the phone with friends ☽ sunset on the shore ⭒ Photos with golden hour light ☽ Netflix binge ⭒ a massage ☽ warm summer evenings

Stress-balancing carbonated drinks enriched with botanicals

Fira is a sparkling, stress-balancing drink made from natural tea extracts, biological adaptogens and aromatherapeutic extracts.

Fira's recipes are based on scientifically proven plant magic that helps you feel less stressed and more balanced - without harmful ingredients. 

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No chemistry - no stress

Few calories

at about 20 calories
per 100 ml

Only approx. 4g sugar

so hardly more than half of a juice spritzer

Of course!

from natural extracts from plants

Made to Chill

All ingredients tuned to get down

Vegan & Gluten Free

That is a matter of course today

Feierabend is our love language

Why Feierabend? Because closing time is simply the best part of the day. But sometimes it's far too short and far away. And that's exactly why we've made it our mission to pack the end of the day into products. But not what you think. There are no chemicals or alcohol involved. Because we want to enjoy the after-work feeling with a clear head.

How did the business idea come about?

Something delicious - with botanicals and hemp extracts 

Verbena, elderflower & turmeric and lavender & rose are our two flavorful creations, shipped to you in 250ml cans. Our choice of ingredients is no coincidence - read more about them here!

Whats's inside?

Feierabend Merch for more Feierabend

Feierabend Satin Bracelet Coral
Feierabend Satin Bracelet Coral


Feierabend Satin Bracelet Coral

Feierabend Satin Bracelet Petrol
Feierabend Satin Bracelet Petrol


Feierabend Satin Bracelet Petrol

Feierabend Silk Bracelet Pastel
Feierabend Silk Bracelet Pastel


Feierabend Silk Bracelet Pastel

Feierabend Socks 3 Pieces
Feierabend Socks 3 Pieces


Feierabend Socks 3 Pieces


End of the day by subscription? Coming soon!

Feierabend - after work happens (almost) every day. To get your daily dose of Fira, we'll be offering regular deliveries soon.

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Happy Feierabend! 🤩

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True Fira fans say...

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Feierabend News

FIRA Soda 3 crowdfunding on Startnext

I founded the Feierabend Company with the mission to make all of our Feierabend better - with calming instead of intoxicating drinks, without booze but with CBD from hemp seed extract, the non-psychoactive substance from the cannabis plant. We all need it right now, don't we?

Be sober during Sober October

We get it. After an Aperol and white wine-soaked summer, many young people in particular are deciding to take part in "Sober October" and go without alcohol for a month. We have 5 good reasons why it's worth joining the alcohol-free trend....

The Not To Do List

To-do lists are very useful, but we need balance and that means being aware of what we DON'T want to do. How? With a Not-To-Do list. As the name suggests, it consists of listing all the behaviours you want to avoid. How does it work, and what habits do you want to include in your personal Not-To-Do list?

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