18.01.2023 - Important Message from our founder Alexandra

They want to get in our pants

Dear FIRA Lovers and friends,

now I have written a really catchy headline.
Today is my 43rd birthday and when I founded FIRA Soda GmbH almost 3 years ago, I imagined many things quite differently.

2 weeks after founding Covid came, a good year later supply bottlenecks due to the Ukraine crisis. A general uncertainty of the situation for us humans on our beautiful earth makes entrepreneurship sometimes quite challenging.

And now also this: the German state wants to get into our pants. I founded the Feierabend Company with the mission to make our after work better - with calming instead of intoxicating drinks, without booze but with CBD from hemp seed extract, the non-psychoactive substance from the cannabis plant. We all need it right now, don't we?

As you may know, the legalization of cannabis and CBD in Germany is far from being done - the crises of the last 48 months keep postponing the topic in politics.
Honestly, I assumed it would happen faster when I founded the company. And because of the CBD from hemp seeds, we have had to deal with the food authorities over and over again in the last few weeks.

This eats up time and financial resources, is mega stressful and I've screamed into my pillow a few times because I think it's such a shame that I have to be my best customer at the moment.

"But honestly - after these first few years, THAT won't stop us now."

Our luck - we are not a CBD Company but THE Feierabend Company. This is now all faster than thought, but the CBD brings so many problems with it, we have now already so talk with botanists and scientists, looked at what other ingredients can contribute to the Feierabend-Feeling.

And YEAH We have the solution for the new active ingredient instead of CBD already in the bag. However, the development of a new drink costs money and FIRA 3 was not planned so quickly.

Spoiler alert...

This is where YOU come in! Share it, talk about it, pick one of our Mega Packages - we are on Startnext with a crowdfunding campaign!

From the creation of a professional recipe to the purchase of goods and production, we need about 18,000€ for the first 10k cans.

That means - I and Feierabend Baby need your support!

Be active and support the Feierabend Company in continuing to spread Feierabend Feierabend Feeling and distribute functional, delicious products that help us all to RELAX!

AND IF WE COLLECT MORE THAN 18k, we will donate the entire excess to 1% For The Planet - a global network of companies, individuals and environmental partners working to address our planet's most pressing environmental issues.

You can already make a real difference to my young company by sharing this news or with 5€ contribution. Of course we also have special nice packages for all Feierabend lovers, like a Berlin Party Package or even your name on the can.

You chose, I am endlessly grateful for any support!

Happy Feierabend, your Alexandra

To the campaign on Startnext

P.S. if you are interested in what happened so far....

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