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FIRA Soda 3 crowdfunding on Startnext

Jan 17, 2023 

I founded the Feierabend Company with the mission to make all of our Feierabend better - with calming instead of intoxicating drinks, without booze but with CBD from hemp seed extract, the non-psychoactive substance from the cannabis plant. We all need it right now, don't we?

Be sober during Sober October

Oct 04, 2022 

We get it. After an Aperol and white wine-soaked summer, many young people in particular are deciding to take part in "Sober October" and go without alcohol for a month. We have 5 good reasons why it's worth joining the alcohol-free trend....

The Not To Do List

Jul 14, 2022 

To-do lists are very useful, but we need balance and that means being aware of what we DON'T want to do. How? With a Not-To-Do list. As the name suggests, it consists of listing all the behaviours you want to avoid. How does it work, and what habits do you want to include in your personal Not-To-Do list?

Good reasons against alcohol

May 12, 2022 

Mindful drinking does not mean that you renounce alcohol forever, but that you drink in a controlled and enjoyable way! Conscious alcohol consumption is fun and good for you. After a balanced diet, exercise and self-care, less alcohol is the next consistent step towards a healthy and mindful lifestyle.

Too much overtime, too little time off

May 12, 2022 

Can't remember the last time you finished work on time? If you're still sitting at your computer and working late after dinner with the family, something is definitely wrong. Time off is important!

After-work tips for getting away from it all

Mar 17, 2022 

Our favourite relaxation exercises for stress and tension ➠ Methods for relaxing at home. It is important to take regular breaks and - our speciality - to really switch off after work.

Feierabend Story #4 - Dora Petrova

Jan 20, 2022 

In an interview with Dora Petrova from the entrepreneurial network Femgems, we found out what the end of the day looks like for her. Spoiler alert - it's a lot about discipline ;)

Podcasts for after-work listeners

Dec 14, 2021 

We've already told you which films you could watch if the current Netflix programme doesn't have anything new to offer and recommended a few social games to make the end of the day more enjoyable. Today we have podcasts on the programme for you. 

HOW TO: start a relaxed evening

Dec 13, 2021 

Quitting work is all well and good, but how do you actually manage to let work be work? We have summarised our easiest tips and tricks for you...

Feierabend Story #3 - Kirsten Kallman

Dec 06, 2021 

The end of the day is the free choice after the duty of everyday life. In our "Feierabend Stories" series, we talk to people who make human well-being their focus - this time with Kirsten Kallman, Holistic Health Coach....

...because the bathtub belongs to the end of the day

Dec 02, 2021 

Bathing and going home from work belong together, at least in the cold months, we think. There is probably no better elixir than soaking in warm water after a long day. But why the full bath feels so incredibly good to us, we explain here. 

What can cats teach us about the end of the day?

Nov 29, 2021 

We all know that cats like to chill out. And that the cat knows how to enjoy the end of the day, too. The internet has already provided us with a lot of cat content, but we can also learn a lot from the animals...

The story of the end of the day

Nov 29, 2021 

How did the Feierabend, which is so well-known in German-speaking countries, actually come about? Did you know that it already existed (in a slightly different form) in the Roman Empire? Read here how our favourite time of day got its name...

"Feierabend Story" - Meliha Guri takes time out through rituals

Nov 10, 2021 

The end of the day is a very personal thing, we think. And yet there are rituals that unite us... In the course of the Feierabend Stories, we met with Meliha - she lives in Vienna and works with subtlety and the worlds in between.

Open Letter from our founder Alexandra

Oct 14, 2021 

A life without time off can make you sick - it's no secret that time off is very important for us. Who doesn't know the feeling of having to be constantly available? In the worst case, this can lead to constant stress, insomnia and burn-out. Here, our founder Alexandra von Quadt tells us why she makes her after-work time a business...

Why we added CBD to our Fira

Aug 30, 2021 

Why do we have CBD in our Fira? Because CBD is more important than Beyonce! Whaaaat? Ok, let's start at the beginning... to clarify why CBD is now on everyone's lips (and in our Fira), we should clarify a few important facts at the beginning.

Made in Germany with a lot of love

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Little sugar,
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Natural extracts and ingredients

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